Monday, May 5, 2014

Ruff Stuff d44 cover

The stock d44 differential cover is made of super thin metal, perhaps 1/4" or less.  When I was last servicing the differential during my re-gearing break-in phase, I accidentally gouged the lip of the soft thin metal when scraping the gasket material.  The rear differential has leaked gear oil for the past few months since it won't seal properly.

I purchased a heavier duty 3/8" thick replacement cover and primed and painted it.

Gear Oil was used, but no particulates or metal of any kind.

The gears seem to be breaking in very nicely with an orderly contact pattern.

I decided to try one of these LubeLockers instead of using sealant from a tube.
It worked great, I think I'll get one of these for the next time I service the front d30.

new VS old

Here you can see the thickness difference!  I'll feel much better next time I back into a rock, that's for sure!

The new cover came with some shiny new gold hardware, too!

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