Tuesday, April 22, 2008

the ninja turtle arm

one time i first moved to chicago and waited for eddy in the alley.
cold in the middle of the winter in 2005, probably januaryish.
we went together to work in hoffman estates, ~25 miles.

i saw a hint of colour beneath a sheet of ice.
promptly i picked away with my knife.
what was i after, so i went faster.

finally, i had extracted my prize.
ninja turtle arm, of small size.
i was a happy boy that day.

one ninja turtle arm.
sitting on a guitar pick.
i felt something on my foot.

tonight after i swept and cleaned.
i was sorting all kinds of tiny things.
this carpooling memory had disappeared.

happy to have found it once more, this material item which i adore.

my blackbox

Howdy Dad -->
basically this is where i am most of the time
*florida i blew a carrier bearing in my rear limited slip differential
*chicago i had a garage to keep my old broken and spare parts in
*vancouver i have the carrier and spider gears on my desk by the tv

Andy Klein -->
newberg -->
i modified the dick chair from eachi.
i got out the ole needle and thread, even.
*let us celebrate and honour my colleague and friend, mike berg

engineering help -->
for build break indication - work in progress -
*i hung the old red jeep grille above my head
crick dat---> current jeep grille <---crick dat

broken build indication -->
ebay + 15 dollars customs + 2 week wait =
'wiring diagram not included'
*p.s. Dad, check it out, its your hand grenade in the bottom right

Sunday, April 20, 2008

devils lake for tim

i miss my friend tim.
i am so glad he called me this morning.
he is by devils lake wisconsin, cause he lives 30 min from there now.
so these are pictures of devils lake. circa saturday august 25th 2007.
i used to climb there, it was the closest place to chicago.
there is an east and west bluff; a glacier made this for me a few thousand years ago.



Tuesday, April 8, 2008

whats greater than happiness?

whats greater than happiness?

but this was rad too:
felicity and i followed an old logging road along the fraser river.

i even let her drive.
she thought it was the happiest day of her life.
she was wrong though, it was the happiest day of MY life.

nobody has ever driven my jeep.
okay, except filmer, once, but that was in a river.
our journey covered 100k of logging road and bc hydro access lines.

(p.s. --> 100k is not to be confused with the word look)

lots of landslide possibilities.
lots of fun.
a couple of pilsners.
and a feeling greater than happiness.