Friday, September 17, 2010


Andrew Jackson Klein even FOX knows its bad..
ACN Investigation
Investigation of ACN (American Communication Network) A scam? Most likely.
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Rachel Reed oh dear
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Scott Russell I appreciate your support...
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Andrew Jackson Klein
scott! i am your friend! i care about you and all of my friends e.
since i am also kerry's friend, i feel the need to speak my mind.

it just doesn't seem right to me. everyone is entitled to their opinions, and just as you have the right to ...participate in this system, i have the right to find it distasteful and contrary to my core belief system.

i won't condone an organization which clearly practices extortion, for
greed is a major factor in the basis of our deteriorating global economy, and i do not intend to support the degradation and devaluation of unconditional love for those whom i share the world with.

IN MY OPINION, our existence as human beings is devalued through this type of system, which is only a solitary example of the lack of human compassion found in many standards of our day to day lives.

i feel that we should help one another: an ideal which is seemingly contrary to the practices of this corporation - a corporation which intentionally takes advantage of monetary idealism; which, sadly, is nurtured by our modern societal constructs.

i find the general message of the presentation i witnessed to be:
"don't you wish you made a little more money? just fuck 100 people out of theirs, and you can have some of it."

this does not align with my desire for global positivity and togetherness.See More
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Andrew Jackson Klein e. = equally.
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Scott Russell You're entitled to your opinion, but you don't have your facts straight.
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Lou Diamond Phillips
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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Indy and Gypsy

Rae took me for a ride!
We went to Kickapoo Stat Park in Illinois.
It was a perfectly sunny breezy day.
Rae rode an old man of a horse named Indy.
My horse's name was Gypsy, and he was the boss.
Our guide was a sun worn retired woman named Mac.
We're going to go again, for sure!

Friday, September 10, 2010


I helped Rae get her internet rebooted today.
I used the online support feature - it was quite odd.
Check it out:

intellectual value

Any mental stimulus which requires current engagement while also speculating future engagements is excellent for your intellect.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Why I can't get rid of my Rockerverb 50

Listen to this awesome recording.

It contains sounds which epitomize why I never went through with a gear change.
The guitar
(remember a while back when I was contemplating a gear downsizing?)

(which lead to further considerations...)

This is the guitar tone I love.
This is why I can't downsize!

Gretsch Duo Jet + Orange Rockerverb 50 + Marshall 4x12