Friday, September 26, 2008

original atoms

the only reason i decided to go to chicago then champaign was music.
it was one of the most revealing and inspirational times of my life.
a great feeling indeed, adding to a developing song.
filmer had been playing this looping riff..
..chad brings in this insane hi-hat roll..
..rae's bass and lyrics define the soul..
..and i had heard their song before.
so, i added single note accents..
..picking with a barbie comb.
i wish this was my job.
listen below:
first try..

original atoms

filmer | guitar
andy | guitar
chad | drums
rae | bass

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


whats that black thing on your jeep.
its a snorkel.
whats it do.
lets me drive in deep water.


rather than vote for the republican ticket this year, im doing this:

i mostly just drank palin and played guitar in champaign.
but chad had a hi-speed camera.
as filmer and chad and i rounded the corner to the backyard...
...rae was in mid stride, torpedoing a watermelon at the concrete.
an awesome thing to turn the corner and see..

so i figured i needed something smashed on my face.
it took a few tries, and it still isnt perfect.

rachel has bad aim (was too kind to hit me in the face?)
they got the cigar from deane.
deane hates south koreans.

oh yeah, i lost my digital camera on the plane coming home.
too bad, cause, well, whatever.

this is palin.
filmer and i had gone to the corner store for some beer.
i saw camouflage and hunter orange lettering.
i skated back with a case over my head.
there was no turning back.

(thanks to rachel reed - we are getting miles out of it indeed)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

self destruction

sometimes its 2.30 in the morning and youre under a road.

other times its not and youre not.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

last night, maybe this morning

i had enrolled and was going back to school at campbell county high school.
it was the north campus, but it had grown to include that grocery store and strip mall.
i got there just in time to be late.

i had to go to one of the new buildings, building 'D'.
as i headed there, i thought i could gain access to the building from the roof.
there were large a/c-type contraptions on the roof.
there was a leatherman multi-tool and it was used to take off the safety covers.
but i started by loosening the nuts which secured the covers by hand.
once the contraption was open, i analyzed the system of moving parts inside:
an inline 6 cylinder diesel engine compressing air and water into steam.
but this wasn't even the roof of building 'D'.

i carried on to my classes.
they were 'just okay'.
there were a lot of politics.
someone was in almost all of my classes.
i could foresee them as becoming a close friend that year.
in one class, we had to shoot at these mouths on a huge screen.
it was a large lecture hall, stadium style, and i was in the back.
i guess we basically had those duck hunt guns, it was a video game.
i knew i wouldnt win and then i won, i shot the mouths first, 2 mouths.

school was over but some shit was going down outside.
everyone had to gather in a centralized area, but it was like a roof again.
there were odd stairways and those little sheds that are on buildings.
i got there and tried to stand with some old high school buddies.
they just moved on - where were my real friends?
who could i associate myself with?

walking back to somewhere i asked chance what the deal was.
he said since im always high, people don't think i understand whats going on.
he left and as i walked still on to somewhere i saw tj and the rest of my old pals.
i flipped them the bird and kept on going; they were leaning on a brick wall.

i stepped in some dog shit.
i was barefoot and had shit on my foot and just kept walking to my jeep.
i found a little puddle and splashed my foot around to get the wet yellow-brown shit off my foot.
it looked like someone else had already tried this, or maybe a dog shit right in the puddle.
but i still used the puddle to get as clean as i could.

i got in the jeep and was driving through a field by a power tower and some transformers.
but the jeep had some red lights on the front of it - it kind of looked like a toy.
i drove over some things, and feared for flat tires.
once back on the street, i was happy to have all the mud flying off my tires.
it makes a certain noise.
i slowed down coming down a hill.
an elderly lady being helped across the street told me to slow down.
but i was stopped.

i got out and jacked up my front end with the hi-lift.
there was an odd pressurized hose hanging in my drivers-side fender well.
i removed the excess pressure and drained some kind of fluid from the end.
then i secured the hose so that it would be clear of the suspension.
i almost got in the jeep with it jacked up super high on the lift.
i got out, and it took me forever to fold some kind of paper instructions.
you know how its hard to fold up maps and stuff, to get the creases right.
it was like a 'how to' guide for using a hi-lift jack.
once i finally got it all folded up, it was a newspaper.
the cover story was a woman who had caught a world record sized fish.
the fish looked awfully prehistoric to me, with little front arms clutching a rock.


when i woke up, i was overwhelmed with a certain emotion.
i thought to myself 'i dont have anything to be excited about'
then i listed the things im not excited about in my head.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


so heres how to put on a hat.

when you get home at night, take that fucker off.