Monday, May 12, 2008

seylynn snake run

had to be quick!
felicity documented my first ever snake run!
obviously i couldnt carve like a master!
i only skated the snake 2x!
then we were off!
as a herd of tortoises!
except faster than that!

yesterday = ... -->

yesterday = ... --> happy birthday felicity!

this is my girl.
i love her so much!
kiss kiss kiss

A FOXX IN A SNAKE RUN!!!! OMFG!!!#()%*^@!

Thursday, May 8, 2008



pun of the century / video art

'pull off harder'

legend to the motion picture/chapter list:
1. van starts at shadowline; exits left
2. kerry goes by
3. andy goes by
4. powerslide to stop
5. anticipated andy is a yellow biker
6. nose slide
7. didn't pull it off *
8. shoe squeak
9. biker enters right; stops at shadowline

*pun of the century

critical acclaim and review:

"..filled with great usage of positive and negative space.."
-L.A. Times
"..the fence section with the dark bridge above it is outstanding..."
-Oprah Winfrey
"..wonderful use of artisan contrasted lighting and such a fabulous angle.."
-Wall Street Journal
"..i like the depth of the action in the frame and the various speeds and sounds.."

orange hat purple shirt and camo cargos

i wore that stuff i said up there down there.
going up that 3stairbank = so fun!

i like how the people flow in this video

vancouvers downtown skate plaza

this is a great place to skate so:
below is a cowboy hat of items in the photo above

red jeep
long shadows
half taken step
mountain peaks
kid popping an olle
little colourful sticker
wild shirt and hat kid
angle of wild shirt and hat kid's skateboard
building/mountain alignment
kid sitting on skateboard

dr evergreens

look what felicity got me!

the best new strings ive ever seen.
they are green.

chelsea the bat

one night i forgot to leave the light on
and look how chelsea was sleeping
in the dark when i got home

you can tell boys = blue
and you see girls = pink
when considering the cere
of a parakeets little cute beak

from left to right:
doublefresh - bright green
chelsea clinton - white
gannon - magic colours
petey - aquamarine