Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Here's a great one Filmer took of Mikey.
This is from our stay on Orcas Island.
Our cabin was well equipped.
Oh look, a wood door!

Bookshelf Hanger

I did a little home improvement the other day.
We had these shelves, but their hangers were very weak.
They used small nails pushed into compressed particle board.
The nails didn't grip, and if the shelving was loaded, they slipped out.
So, I took 10 minutes and made some new hangers from metal strap stock.
I used screws for better grip.

The shelves hold weight like never before!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Boots - Before and After

I've got attire all sorted out for my Wedding.
Things went exactly as planned, pretty much...
...but my mother and sister really pushed me on boots.
They wanted me to get a new pair, just for the wedding.
I didn't feel that was necessary; shoot, there's no need!
I just got a new pair a few years ago!
It is MY wedding, and I know what I want.
I want to wear my own boots.
So, I had them re-soled.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

MiniMag - Update!

I was able to remove the batteries!
However, I've been less successful with cleaning the housing.
The corrosion prevents smooth battery insertion/removal operations.
I've tried cleaning it with parts cleaner and rust penetrating oil.
I twisted up a rag, stuffed the housing, and doused it.
Perhaps if I let it soak in this way for a while, I'll have more success.
I also damaged the switch removing the upper battery.
I'll have to get a new one, which comes packaged with a switch removal tool.
I love tools, and this one should be handy (for next time)


The AA dry-cell Duracells I had in my spare flashlight leaked.
They were resident in the flashlight for several years, corroding.
This corrosion fused with the aluminum-magnesium flashlight body.
Unfortunately, I can't get the old batteries out!