Tuesday, March 31, 2009


look at how spectacular Loop is.

we are way impressed.
arent you?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sunday, March 8, 2009

a week in vinyl

for example,
a chronological list of the records i enjoyed this week
  • The Animals -- best of
  • Eagles -- the long run
  • Derek and the Dominos -- layla, and other assorted love songs
  • Twisted Sister -- come out and play
  • Modest Mouse/764-Hero -- whenever you see fit
  • Mary Kay Place -- aimin to please
  • Against Me! -- americans abroad live in london
  • The Postal Service -- give up
  • The Postal Service -- give up
  • The Ventures -- on stage in japan, england, and the u.s.
  • Vampire Weekend -- vampire weekend
  • Spirit -- the family that plays together stays together
  • The Ravonettes -- LUST LUST LUST
  • Rihanna -- umbrella
  • Pretenders -- pretenders
  • Great White -- once bitten
  • Modest Mouse -- we were dead before the ship even sank
  • Jamaica All Star Steel Drum Band -- jamaica steel drums
  • Silversun Pickups -- carnivas
  • Country Gold --
  • Carl Smith -- she called me baby
  • Johnny Cash -- big river
  • Tammy Wynette -- good
  • Johnny Horton -- theyll never take her love from me
  • Claude King -- laura
  • Bob Luman -- world of unhappiness
  • Johnny and Jonei Mosby -- id fight the world
  • Charlie Rich -- nothing in the world
  • David Houston -- too many times

    here it is - an all-star country concert record. its like a dream Grand Ole Opry show with just about everybody on it. or you could look at it another way - all these good ole country singers just happened to drop by your house for a big party. yes theres true gold in them thar grooves!

    take a good look at the big names on this record - is that a party? big names and big tunes, and that makes this collection the buy of a lifetime. youve got all these stars working for you, working on what they love to do, working on their music to make it sound great for you. its all here, so have a big listen!

    columbia records proudly presents on its harmony label the most renowned artists in the world of musical entertainment in fine quality recordings. the artists and performances have either been newly recorded expressly for harmony or have been carefully selected from columbias vast library of great recordings. every harmony album is engineered and pressed in accordance with the highest manufacturing standards. the distinguised harmony name has been associated with the recording industry for over 40 years, and the columbia name on the harmony label is your guarantee of supurb artistry and quality at a price well within the means of every record collector.
  • Country Gold --
  • Country Gold --
  • --
  • Country Gold --
  • NOFX -- the war on errorism
  • Jeremiah Green 45 -- drum breaks
  • The Cars 45 --> moving in stereo / my best friends girl
  • Modest Mouse 45 -- workin on leavin the livin / never ending math equation
  • Modest Mouse 45 -- broke / whenever i breath out you breath in
  • Modest Mouse 45 -- grey ice water / other peoples lives
  • Modest Mouse 45 -- i've got it all (most) / float on
  • Modest Mouse 45 -- blue cadet 3 - dukes up - woodgrain / it always rains on a picnic - 54321 lisp off
  • Modest Mouse 45 -- medication / a life of arctic sounds
  • Modest Mouse 45 -- king rat / fire it up
  • Modest Mouse 45 -- every penny fed car - four fingered fisherman / worms vs birds
  • Modest Mouse 45 -- every penny fed car - shit luck / heart cooks brain
  • Mastadon 45 -- slick leg - thank you for this / deep sea creature
  • Johnny Cash 45 -- dont take your guns to town / i still miss someone
  • Red Stars Theory 45 -- naima / north to next exit
  • Against Me! 45 -- full sesh / white people for peace
  • The Raveonettes 45 -- honey i never had you / my heartbeats dying
  • Peter, Paul, and Mary 45 -- flora / blowin in the wind
  • Bobby Vinton 45 -- i love how you love me / little barefoot boy
  • Lulu 45 -- the boat that i row / to sir with love
  • Jefferson Airplane -- flight log
  • Neil Young -- harvest moon
  • Cream -- best of
  • Cream -- best of
  • Jefferson Airplane -- worst of
  • Modest Mouse -- the lonesome crowded west
  • Against Me! -- as the eternal cowboy
  • Joy Division -- unknown pleasures
  • The Exotic Guitars -- everybodys talkin
  • Oakley Hall -- gypsum strings
  • Ghost House -- departures

in conclusion,
i didnt listen to any records on friday


going to the movie


ha - ha







i'm going to movie


wiht mom


oh here wait before replying for like six messages


member i yearned you to come down too

oh well

cartoon sans andy

oh well

ha - ha


8===///>~~ ~


sickell stix

you did that






took foreves




sacrifice for art

Saturday, March 7, 2009


wow, an amazing milestone in an decline.
the 101st post.
here are a few photos from my life today.

first is the cover of the climbers guide Olef from the CMC wrote.
i wasnt kidding when i said he wrote the book on climbing there.
thats a photo of him at Devil's Lake.
there is also some ripped paper i drew triangles on.
i also see a guitar pick.
this is pretty much standard procedure for late night homecoming.
close door and drop skateboard.
throw everything out of pockets onto floor in entryway.
take belt and shoes off at same time standing in entryway.
remove pants and shirt/jacket and throw on floor. (in entryway)
the contents of my pockets:
  • 1' long dowel broken into two 6" pieces on the last note of a blondie song (i drew a spiral on this dowel i had and took it everywhere yesterday)
  • canadian coins
  • wallet
  • knife
  • keys
look at how the branches on the bushes are starting to turn PINK!

a weekend escape from the city circa 2007

when i lived in chicago, i didnt have much access to the natural world.
it was city city city.
so i would go to wisconsin for some trees.
the best excuse was to climb at devils lake state park.
i would often meet other CMC members there.

i did see one tree quite often, though.
as i kept it inside for six or seven months.
i found it in an alley and took it home at christmas.
it had a sign on it, so i left that as the only decoration.
well, then one day david put his mickey's 40oz hat on the top.
but i also saw all kinds of crazy shit in the skyline like this truck:
that truck is like, so weird, i was thinking.
i needed to sleep outside immediately.
so i drove to wisconsin that weekend.
goodbye to the birds:
anyways, i drove to devils lake state park on a friday night.
i got there at 1 or 2 am, i dont really know when.
i followed some service roads and opened a gate.
the gate was chained but not locked.
said something like 'do not block'
but it didnt say 'do not open and explore'
so i decided to see what was back there.

i parked when i got to this sign:
i look pretty stoked, hah!it felt good to sleep on the ground again.I woke up at first light with a wonderful view:
it was a nice sight - seeing things get gradually brighter, calmly.
i liked the world as it came alive with the daylight.
the absence of the busy sound of modern life was refreshing.

i decided do pack up my sleeping bag and get to the rocks early.
so i left my restricted army area bedroom.
it was early and the light was still low.
here is that gate i was talking about:
i had a good morning by the side of the lake.
eventually i met up with my pals and we climbed.
it was a beautiful day!we spent the morning practicing multi-pitch routes.
we were building trust for our canadian outing in tonquin valley.you can see the lake in the background below:the lichen is amazing, this is very solid quartzite:
its nice to have a drink after a day of good solid outdoor exercise.
i played some guitar.i put up my tent at the CMC campsite for the night.
the Chicago Mountaineering Club owns a piece of the park.
so being a member, you can stay for free anytime.its wonderful because of the details, like these flowers:and this frog:we climbed some more the next morning.
this is olef, he is 69 now, i believe.
he literally wrote the book on climbing at devils lake.
he is one of the founding members of the CMC.
look at olef's old school harness.
its awesome that its from rei and its just basically sewn webbing:
lots of people come out to just be outside and share good company.
and climb, of course. the CMC is amazing!
view looking up along a climb on that awesome baraboo quartzite:
we set up a bunch of top ropes and climbed here for the day.
we practiced catching falls and finger crimp techniques.heres one of me:can you even believe oleg is still in such great shape?
look at how healthy and in control he is on that slab! at 69!
the nice thing about climbing at devils lake is.. ..the lake!
in the following pictures, you can see the quartzite bluffs we climb.
they make up the perimeter of the lake.
the baraboo range of quartzite was formed by precamrian seas.
then, a glacier carved them in half, leaving devils lake.
indeed, it is a geographical anomoly in the midwest.
this is where i would take my swim, usually:it always feels so good to get in a natural body of water.
i would do this for sure each time i was done climbing.i love my jeep and almost always take photos of it where ever i go:one more view of the rocks above the lake:well, time to go back to Chicago, its Sunday afternoon.
even the ditches are beautiful here:ha-ha, damn strait:i enjoyed the drive through the farmland.
it always reminded me of my earliest memories from iowa.
especially these blue silos framed by corn and deciduous forests:these last two photos illustrate the contrast.
'leaving devil's lake':
'entering chicago':well all in all, thats all!