Thursday, April 30, 2009


dearest small crowd of followers:
it is me, your micro-blogger.
the "un"influential voice..
..wanting to show you:
Petey and Ganon.
they love me.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

skate2 etnies

the skate2 dev team all got free shoes.
EA and Etnies teamed up or whatever.
anyways, nobody but me has size 13 feet.

so i got some too.

no time to spare

i stretch while i wait for elevators

Sunday, April 26, 2009

bulletheads north

mikey and i made it up to squamish again.
we had a great time climbing.
video footage > words:

Friday, April 24, 2009

late night email

well, i went to a heavy metal show last night.
i had plenty of heinekens.
karl got us shots of crown royale when the show was over.

anyways, afterwards, i came back to work.
i was supposed to buy seth vinyl if they had any.
turns out, Mastodon's merch was held up at the border.

i guess i wanted to let him know, right away, right away:.
(as always, click 'er for bigger)

  • i copy/pasted my failed chat messages to him first
  • take note of the timestamps
  • i must be a 'fast-typer' under the influence
  • and a fast decision maker (SEND!)
  • and not much on spell checking.

Monday, April 13, 2009


a month or 2 ago...
...kerry invited me to gary's cabin across the georgia strait.
i was excited and figured a fire and beer would be great.
we didnt have a fire, but i was right about the beer.

his cabin was very nice - thanks gary!
mostly, we had beers and stacked rocks - that was the point.
well not the stacking of rocks, that just happened.
haha, there are scuba divers in this photograph:
(don't forget to click the pictures if you're some kind of detail freak)

wonderful views and an escape from the city - so good and necessary.
this is the from the deck.

and from down by the water.

at one point, we had a real man amongst us, in the water - COLD!
a neighbor has his own island that you must paddle a boat to get to.
thats pretty fuckin cool, if you ask me. but. who asked me.
anyhow, back to the story..
..just getting there was fun!
we waited in line for a ferry - about 40 minutes or so.
finally, we saw the line start to move about 100 cars ahead.
i asked kerry if he thought i could disable my daytime running lights...
...before we had to move.
he said, 'go for it.'
haha, all like, 'i dont give a shit' - you know how he is.
anyways, i did it, i just had to pull one wire from my fuse block.
i had been meaning to do that since i had to get the lights installed.
i had to get the lights installed in order to import my vehicle to canada.
its basically a bypass that turns on your headlights when the ignition is on.

...we drank beer.
waiting for the ferry.
on the ferry.
and on the way to the cabin.
i always knew PBR was awesome, i just didnt know why.
until i found out it says THIS:

we needed to go four wheeling in the snow. for sure.
i think the beer made me kinda heavy on the throttle.
so after i snapped that shot^
i burried the front end for good (not good)
so i had to get out the winch to work on getting not stuck.
note: cigarette in mouth and back-up cigarette behind ear.
this double cigarette act is normal winch-cable set-up protocol.

here you can see how bad i was 'stuck' - not bad at all - at first..
..anyways, it got way worse, so i had to tell kerry we needed to walk.
things were going great when we were hauling ass listening to NOFX.
but now, i got us stranded in this cold ass logging road at 1 am.

we had to walk 5 miles in the dark in the snow to get back.
i made him wear all my extra clothes from the jeep.
he was wearing a tie and slacks, otherwise.
i also ensured that we each carried a sleeping bag 'just in case'
no phone service, of course, but it was worth checking, so kerry did.
note: winching cigarette still present
it was a muddy icey fucked up uneven logging road.
it was snowing, and kerry and i loved it!
we drank as much whiskey as we could to keep warm.
i was having the time of my life, no doubt.

we got home at 3.30 in the morning.
the guys said funny stuff about us being gone for so long:
'we figured you two were both at least 30 - you probably lived long enough'
'we were sort of worried after 2 hours - then we just drank more beer'
...these are my types of friends, for sure.
anyways, we got home and finished the whiskey.

i got up at first light and found a shovel.
this is gary's awesome old car.
i was prepared to make the 5 mile hike uphill this time.
at least it would be daylight.
i hitched a ride from some guy with a truck.
even i was surprised how far up this trail kerry and i went the night before.
about 10 minutes into him giving me a ride, hes like, 'and you walked back?'
'in the dark?'
'at 3 am?'

anyways, see, got er pretty stuck.

i had kind of fucked up my front drivers side fender.
so after i got the jeep unstuck, we drank way more beers.
and then i told them, i could do body work, anywhere, anyplace, anytime.
here is my proof:

kerry and i also saw the ghostbusters after we got off the ferry going home.


Saturday, April 4, 2009


here is a picture my sister took of me last week.
i could easily be thinking 'i dont like doing laundry on weeknights'
here is a picture i took of myself last week.
i clearly am thinking 'i conquered my laundry on a weeknight'