Wednesday, February 6, 2008

a cage without walls

i didnt put the cage i built back together quite the same way.
i always used to leave the door open anyhow.
so why even bother with walls?
my birds are not prisoners.
they are my friends.

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Monday, February 4, 2008

990 lagoon drive

i live on the lost lagoon, and work on the burrard inlet off the georgia strait (click for map)

i feel borderline undeserving of my dream come true.
i took this one this morning, from my bedroom window.
the mountains are bathed with that warm glow of earlyness.

inside the blackbox spiral

i work near the roots. bamboo growing in vancouver. in a building.
the studio where i work is a subdivision of electronic arts - blackbox.
there is this magnificent spiral staircase spanning 4 of the 6 floors in our downtown hi-rise.

A meal

prepared by my sister and mother - my last american meal before moving to canada.
yeah plus there were toasted tortillas of course.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Pacific and Howe

My second song in my second country.
Who needs a metronome - I have confidence in my fucked up timing.
Recorded on lost lagoon; my new home:

Pacific and Howe, an intersection.. B.C.

Pacific and Howe are you today?
Took me two weeks.
Two weeks to form this top down view..
..of the city - and this country.

Everything.. ..feels like a dream..
..because its blurry..

Pacific and Howe, an intersection.. B.C.
English Bay. Fish. Propane.
And False Creek.

Up at four.. ..with the Full Moon..
Moon goes down..
..the morning..

Written during my two weeks of corporate housing; looking out the floor to ceilings:

Pacific and Howe:

English Bay:


And False Creek:

The Full Moon: