Friday, July 31, 2009

the lemonade

the lemonade was the only reason i thought to post the other night.
it was because it was so hot out.
and it was like a movie.

it had been made with plenty of flavor; this was no weak lemonade.
i took a sip and it was so quenching, as i started the jeep.
it was hard to breath it was so hot in the jeep.

then i drank the entire cup, just like that.
it was great to not savor it.

maybe the best part was tossing the cup down in the passenger floorboard when i was finished.

so if you just read this --^--, its way better than reading that --v--.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


today i woke up.
first i checked up on the NAXJA
i took a shower and i did not wash my hair.
teeth brushed, hair combed, clothes donned.

wallet in my back left pocket.
phone in my front left pocket.
jeep keys in my back right.
door pass in my front right.

i took a ridiculous route to work.
the stupid part was my downtown zig zag.
it felt great, you know, something different.
i mapped it out, click here.

at work, it was very busy, as usual.
i love my job because i get to do so much.
last night i got an animated sequence playing FX.
a first for our project.

(i also got frustrated and bashed my keyboard)
when i based it, i balled my two fists above my head.
i brought their weight crashing down and yelled.
keyboard keys literally flew up in plumes.
it made me smile so much.
like a cartoon! WOW!
i had over-reacted.

today i worked with my audio designer pal mike berg.
he is going to put sound in the sequence to match.
my presentation pal adam myhill will shake the camera.
it will be great.
i bet it already is.

for lunch i ate a burger i got for dinner.
i left it out all night long.
it was a burger with cheese and bacon.
i put mayonnaise on the bun last night.
i got a bunch of onion rings with it.
last night, i only ate the onion rings.
so my burger awaited me on my desk this morning.
i ate it with a knife and fork.
it was delicious.

mo ko is the brains behind the in the trenches engineering operation.
today i worked with him and my know-it-all pal cody ritchie.
we forced all surface types to display debug textures and particles.
this will keep the artists on their toes and tagging surfaces.
every object needs a material assignment, or it will show the debug.
the debug is a stupid yellow smiley face.
if artists dont tag an object, when you shoot it you get smiley faces.
(as opposed 2 impact dust and debris and dents in the surface)

we use material pairs to do everything in our engine.
they define AI visibilities, impact FX, decal associations, the works.

rachel asked me ywtbtt.
of course i did and we did.
i wanted to break to talk.
the best part of my day.

my tools engineer pal ludovic chabant showed me his new session editing tool.
it allows me to multi edit individual data values from all kinds of data types.
he just added partition explorer support to make it even more clean to use.
its awesome! it gets rid of all this wasted time scrolling around to tune.
i can now access values from all over the game in a simple interface.
i am setting up a tuning session file for our weapons designer.
i can teach him how to change my firing FX with ease.

i worked with my enviro pal alan jarvie to teach him some destruction.
i created a prototype for a new type of destruction last week that we like.
so alan did wonderful art and is now settting up the real deal.
i was in the middle of showing him how to do things..

..when the fire alarms went off.
alan and i tried HARD to not leave, we thought it was a drill.
but our hawk eyed DD (development director) spied us.
she made us go outside.
i left my jeep keys!

i was getting antsy outside.
it was very hot and uncomfortable.
the fire alarms were loud and annoying.

i got some intel that it was a water main breakage.
(someone came out with a picture of wet stairs on their phone).
so i knew it wasn't serious.
the firetruck showed up.

i told the people i was standing with i had to go before the fireman.
so as they were getting out, i went into the building and ran upstairs.
i ran up the spiral staircase, whcih was wet from the water main.
it was awesome, and lackluster.

i got to my desk and got my skateboard, jeep keys, and wallet.
i dont like to keep those 3 things in my pockets while i work.
they hurt my ass.

i went downstairs a different way, and saw the firemen above me.
they were ascending the spiral staircase.

i went through a side hallway and into a fire stairwell to the parkade.
i got in my jeep.

the gates that keep people from entering the parkade were open.
they are always shut.
it was neat to see them open.

the alarms were still going off.
i liked how the alarms sounded different in all the different spaces.
i bursted out of the parking garage and sped off.
i have removed my muffler to get it welded.
so my jeep is Very Loud and sounds great.
i might have been on two wheels.
everyone saw, for sure.
i love my jeep.

rachel went to a movie with her big brother.
she loves her big brother!
i talked to her before.
she had a beer.
she is great.

i wanted to see that movie here while she was seeing it there.
it would be as close as we can come to a date.
then we could talk about it!

but since i left early..
(i left at 5.15 pm; the alarm first went off at 4.45pm)
..i decided to use my time at home.

when i got home, i took off my blue pants and black shirt.
then i put on some jeans and rolled them into shorts.
then i put on a dirty white V-neck.
then i got my guitar.
and a can of beer.

i went outside, and i got some mail from rachel!
i have been so patient and impatient waiting.
so many things came it once, it was great.

great great great.

i walked barefoot with my guitar and letters 1/2 block.
to a bench where i sometimes go. (no shoes)

i played a song.
i opened a letter.
i played a song.
i opened a letter.
i played a song.
i opened a letter.

then i played some more.
it was great to have a perspiring beer on a hot day, outside.
i sang a bit too.
some passserbys would smile.
some would look.
others wouldnt.
some were on bikes.

one man moved down a few benches further away.

i decided to go swimming.
i got my new jeep magazine.
and a towel and my skateboard.
and i went to the pool.
its a big open pool.
to see it, click me!

^ i live by the lagoon in the upper left.
the pool is so large, and not far!
it was too busy so i didnt go in.

instead, i put my stuff on the beach and went in English Bay.
i backstroked, breast stroked, and got hair in my face.
it was great.

the point of all of this, is that good life requires flexibility.
i like to just do things and not have any plan.
or even if i have a plan, i dont have to do it.
i had planned to stay late at work.
a lot was done anyways, then, a fire alarm; fuck it!
i escaped!
but should have helped alan with the destruction.
i had planned to go to band practice at six.
i never expected to do what i did.
it feels great. you should try it.
i planned the swimming pool.
instead the ocean.

i also like surprises.
like lemonade stands.

then i layed and dried on my towel reading about a new jeep.
a military jeep - formerly only offered to foriegn governments.
now you can get it exclusively through AEV <-- check it out! american expedition vehicles. its rad, a jeep pick up. gimme! <-- sweet!

the j8's 4-corner towhooks are helicopter rated.
a dana 44 up front.
a dana 60 in the rear.


anyways, i dried off and went home.
on my way, there was a lemonade stand.
a few ladies, a young girl, and two little girls.
the young girl was playing guitar, it was hot out.
i got a cup of lemonade, it was 50 cents.
but i only had a 2 dollar coin.

the ladies were prompting the girls:
what do you say?
ask if he wants change?

i got down eye level with them.
and i said let me take a drink first.
i did and it was great.
i told them to keep the change.

then i went home.
the fireworks were going off.
i was talking to my rae.

the end.

then as i typed all of this out, i was emailing alan at work.
he is a real fucking trooper, and has done some great work.
i am glad he was able to figure out the destruction system.
i sent him emails and he sent me emails and got it in.
he will stay there tonight.

he is flexible.

he didnt expect to have to do this halfway alone.
i had promised i would help, but i bailed.
he said it was worth me bailing to see me powerslide in my jeep.
now he learned a lot; gained confidence.
and i had a great day.
(technically, i should leave at 5 everyday...)
((imagine what our lives could be))

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

johnny cash

i love his guitar slung over his back.
and june, oh him and june, they are wonderful!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

these days i drive to work.

one thing i like is driving over the skatepark on my way home.

on occasion, i get to hear some nice board sounds.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

oh annie o

the fourth of july.
being home felt good.
rachel and i are quite the americans.
somewhere inside, i wanted to be patriotic.
so we got ourselves a red ryder bb gun.

rae had never held or fired one before.
as it turns out, she is quite the shot.
we're talkin annie oakley here.

it was quite inspiring.
to say the least.
oh annie o!

"mommy he bought me a gun"

"rae you better take a drink"

"you're just trying to level the playing field"
* prt!--TINK *

oh, and a video of me missing: