Friday, February 8, 2013

the donor

rear seat modification

it was a lot more work than the front!

I had to also modify the seat cushions which were both taller, wider, and deeper than stock.

I had to cut out clearance for the transmission tunnel to get the seat to hinge into place correctly.

 Finished product!

ZJ to XJ - back seat conversion

I replaced the back seats in my XJ.  The black leather looks a lot nicer and they are more comfortable.  They are also more functional due to the 60/40 split fold.  In order to mount them, I drilled new holes for brackets and modified the side cushions to reduce the overall seat bucket widths.  A small section was also removed for clearance of the transmission tunnel when folded.

These seats fold nice and flat, which is very important to enable best use of cargo space.  The headrests insert into the seat cushions when for storage when folded.

The 60/40 split fold is nice for carrying some larger cargo with more than 2 passengers.

The optimal bracket locations resulted in a very slight difference in floor height.  The hinges also stick up a bit at the corners.  I flipped the center bracket 180 degrees to keep it from interfering with the flat cargo area.

I removed the original upper seat back 

I cut the carpet and installed new lower seat cushion brackets.  The lower seats hinge forward on these brackets.