Monday, December 21, 2009

mail art

i like to use the mail as a place for me to create art.
sometime soon i will display it all on my website.
i take photos of my mail before i send it.

i have been making all kinds of stuff.
i try to be nice all year round and send mail.
my recent batch is a bit bigger than usual: the holidays.

i learned: it feels good to do a bunch; the creativity really flows.
anyways, i was inspired to do one for scott for some reason.

scott is my friend who i work with.
he is a 3D Artist.
he is also a Duck Artist.
scott got a good one because i was broke in and inspired.

it even got a coat of lacquer!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

standing on shoulders

im glad i bought a ridiculou$ guitar and amp
they are great; i am happy to have the opportunity

i think it is very important to cherish these allowances
i also think it is important to take them for granted

it feels good to do both

heres a budgie for you

good music inspires:
i love the bass playing and lead vocals.
too bad i wasn't living then.
but thank god for today!
i still appreciate it all.

i still remember

sometimes i appreciate driving.
always, i appreciate walking.
love to walk, while you can.

I, I still remember
how you looked that afternoon.
There was only you.

You said "it's just like a full moon".
Blood beats faster in our veins
We left our trousers by the canal
And our fingers, they almost touched

You should have asked me for it
I would have been brave
You should have asked me for it
How could I say no?

And our love could have soared
Over playgrounds and rooftops
Every park bench screams your name
I kept your tie

I've gone wherever you wanted

(I still remember)

And on that teachers' training day
We wrote our names on every train
Laughed at the people off to work
So monochrome and so lukewarm

And I can see our days are becoming nights.
I could feel your heartbeat across the grass.
We should have run.
I would go with you anywhere.
I should have kissed you by the water

You should have asked me for it
I would have been brave
You should have asked me for it
How could I say no?

And our love could have soared
Over playgrounds and rooftops
Every park bench screams your name
I kept your tie

I would let you if you asked me

I still remember

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

budgie update #8

remember when i had so many parakeets?
well, if i kept them any longer, i would have ended up like this:

i would be making vids of myself in slow motion and stuff.
i like the super interesting bird VS mirror bit.
i think its neat to be able to interact with the natural world.
i also think its GREAT that this guy chroma-keyed his own bkgd.

but you know...
...have you ever tried masturbating while 4 parakeets watch?

anyways, moral of the story:
i like watching this and other seemingly pointless videos.
have you ever thought of how many people upload stuff?
a lot of people, thats how many.
this guy is genuinely happy with his budgies.
i am happy for him!

every second is precious - PAY ATTENTION!

karl sends me links all the time!

this is a good one.

change blindness..


i don't want to ever be affected.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

sewing machine

i have a sewing machine which should work.
i need to get to sewing, there's much to be sewn.
the machine needs a new part.
i sent this to the company:


I am looking for what I will describe as a 'traction ring' type of part for my old MASON ZIG ZAG deluxe.
It is a rubber ring which spins off of the main motor making everything else move.
My ring is old and the brittle rubber has cracked all the way through.

Please see the attached image.
I printed the identification numbers as seen when the machine is hinged open.
I also illustrated where the rubber ring functions, and where it is broken.

Thank you for your help!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


i admire myself for living where i do.
it is the most wondrous of all locations.

im downtown vancouver; i only see the wilds.
this is quite unobtainable - i know i am unique.
in the entire world - not another place like mine.

i have seen places which look upon the city.
as if to suggest a goal, a dream, a wonder.
where i live, thus, arrogant in its views.
that is to say, my view is of nothing.

to live within the city, without it.
this is my life; i am grateful.

thank you!

mr situps

tonite was our blackbox holiday party.
it was okay, pretty low key.
a beer and cake.

they did have the crustcut off the sandwiches, though!

a few friends came to my place after work.
we were going to a birthday party at 10pm.

we had some vodka, played some tony hawk ride, and drank beer.
we had some scotch, ate some pizza, and i played some guitar.
my songs were failures, i was drunk and intimidated.

we carried on.
i rolled a joint for the birthday boy.
then we left to go meet the birthday boy.

we smoked it when we got to where we were going.
i ordered a budweiser, but never payed.

then we went to some other pub joint.
i got a hotdog out front.
jalapeno cheddar.

there was a pretty happening band there.
they played some hypno-jazz, is what i'll call it.
pretty rad, i traded my ID for some darts.

we played darts and had a good time - all of us.

once i cheers'd my accountant and my bottle broke.
the tip of the bottle broke right off!
instant jewelry ring, again.
(this happened before)

time to go, they say.
we must leave.

kerry's coat is nowhere to be seen.
3 minutes of questioning.

he told me his parents gave him that coat.
a girl comes in asking, 'is someone missing a coat?'
then she dashes away.

i finished my beer and quickly followed her outside.
she hurried up to a taxi cab as its door closed.
i followed her and opened the door.

inside, a kleptomaniac clutched kerry's coat.
the good samaritan woman told the klepto to give it back.
i took back kerry's coat and saw that the klepto still had a glove.

'its my glove, this is MY glove!' she said.
the good samaratin said, 'give him the glove!'
i had checked the pockets, and found only one glove.

i took the glove back and kerry came outside.
he put his coat on and thanked me.
he had mistaken me for a hero!

the good samaritan lady was the hero.


liberty ordered himself a hotdog.
we got to talking and kicked him in the balls.
he kicked me in the balls 2x as hard.

a fat well dressed man was just walking up.
he said, 'you let him kick you in the balls?'
i said, 'so what if i did, mr situps?'

he was upset and frustrated.
he walked to the front door and got a beefy man.
they came up to me.

the beefy man told me i owed the other man some respect.
i told him that he owed me respect as well.
the beefy man insisted that i appologize.

i was staring down two beefy men, one in a business suit.
they were angry with me and trying to suppress me with power.
one of them tried to make me buy a hot dog - WITH CHEESE~!

i told them that i had already had one - with cheese.
they said i had better tip the hot dog vendor.
then they said that they owned the pub.

i said i had a good time, and was thankful.
they stared me down, trying to intimidate.
eventually the owner buisinessman walked off.

we got in a cab and left.

later, we smoked a joint rolled in a peso.

Friday, December 11, 2009

a week in vinyl

Monday M7orning:
  • the raveonettes|LUST.LUST.LUST
Monday Evening:
  • against me|LIVE.IN.LONDON
Tuesday Morning:
  • bo diddley|GO.BO.DIDDLEY
Tuesday Evening:
  • crow dog's paradise|SONGS.OF.THE.SOUIX
Wednesday Morning:
  • crow dog's paradise|SONGS.OF.THE.SOUIX
Wednesday Evening:
  • herbie hancock|STARS.IN.HER.EYES
  • leonard cohen|LIVE.AT.THE.ISLE.OF.WIGHT.1970
  • against me|LIVE.IN.LONDON
Thursday Morning:
  • the beatles|LET.IT.BE
Thursday Evening:
  • joan jett and the blackhearts|I.LOVE.ROCK.AND.ROLL
  • tchaikovsky|SYMPHONONY.NUMBER.5
  • the the|SOUL.MINING
Friday Morning:
  • beck|ODELAY
Friday Evening:
  • beck|ODELAY
  • torche|MEANDERTHAL
  • the mars volta|FRANCES.THE.MUTE

Sunday, December 6, 2009

went for a walk

we went for a walk since it was a nice day - winter is getting here!

these pictures are pretty cool, these guys are like my band.
what i mean, is i think bands should be made of good friends.

i like the bird and man exiting on opposite sides

whoa-oh frozen
long hairy feathers
i absolutely love that this is out my front door.
the lost lagoon
a lost racoon
look at that smoker shooting horizontal smoke
me n karl
berg and scott
the sun was going down and karl had just got up

"no scott, you can't have my coat"
"fine, asshole"
good one! great!

karl was being a gentleman and opening scotts beer
berg was wondering why the trees didnt split before falling over... ..haha berg!

karl broke the leg off the alligator
mike instructed him on how to fix it
mike named this chair something very weird

Friday, December 4, 2009

remember mikeys birthday this year?

bike lock key

sometimes i have thoughts before i leave my house that i should leave the key to my bike lock near the bike so that should i die someone would be able to use and enjoy my bike without having to worry about where the key to the bike lock locked to the bike is.
and i do.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


today's morning record i featured while getting ready for work:

mc hammer

"hammer - release the pressure!
hammer hammer hammer hammer!
ohhh pressure!
ohhh get your hands up!
ohhh pressure!
ohhh get your hands up!"

i also had a dream last night about drowning Walt from LOST.
i had to hold him so long and squeeze his neck so hard.
in fact, his head ended up falling off.

in my dream there were duplicates of all kinds of people.
they were bad, and there was even a duplicate of me.
the thing is, my duplicate was good, not bad.
and i had to drown Walt because he was going to do something bad.

the end of the dream involved a building construction site.
it was like great video game art, and i was running all over.
it was super fun, there were conveyor belts, too.
and lots of boxes, and super smooth cement.
and saw horses all over the place.