Sunday, August 30, 2009

dead pixel

i messed up with that new monitor.
the box i grabbed was a different brand than i meant to get.
i was too lazy to replace it, even though i didnt like it.
but then today i saw it had a dead pixel.
so i took it back to the store and got the one i wanted.
except i got the bigger one.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

deeks lake

*you will really be missing out on visual splendor if you fail to enlarge the photos in this post by clicking on them.

yesterday pete and brad and i went for a hike.
we had planned to go summit one of the lions.
it is a prominent peak seen from vancouver.

there were fire concerns restricting us from hiking the lions.
so we decided to take a different hike to a lake.

it was quite foggy with no sun in the forecast.
almost a good thing, then, that we didn't go for a peak.
the view would have been cloudy and less dramatic.
the view is the point of hiking to a peak's summit.

so instead, we hiked to deeks lake
even though i ran over my camera, i still use it.
i dont ever know what kind of photos i will take.
(because the LCD screen is smashed)
there is no viewfinder.
i just sort of wing it.

the fog made it an awesome hike.
sounds were muffled and deadened.
it was so silent and awesome!
brad scampered ahead the whole time.pete:brad:deeks lake:such dense fog!
we could only see a few feet across the surface of the lake..we had lunch over the outlet.
the old downed timber above the water was ideal.the fog would clear for a few minutes every now and then.
we just relaxed.the fog really cleared up for a while.
it was a cool feeling not knowing what was in front of us.
then we were rewarded with some nice views!
the end.