Wednesday, February 22, 2012

kitchen light

It took me 3 different stores, 2 separate trips, and 1 return to find a 36" 25W T8 fluorescent bulb. I needed to replace the one in my overhead desk light from Chicago.

I put it in the kitchen and now midnight snacks don't have to be such painful pupil shrinkers.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wax Removal for Upholstery

Supplies needed:
1 or more waxcidents
butcher paper
hot iron

Lay the paper over the affected area and gently apply heat with the iron. As the wax melts, it is absorbed by the paper. Move the paper often so that the wax doesn't seep through and onto the iron. Avoid using pressure with the iron - you're trying to get the wax out, not press it deeper into the fibers of the fabric! The best technique is to melt layer after layer using a fresh part of the paper to get maximum absorption each pass.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Map Making

Mom visited for the weekend in late January. On Sunday, we awoke to the most beautifully light snow.

We decided to get started on a school project inside.

The fourth graders will be learning about Washington State and its physical features. We created the template for the models they will be making - sculpting mountains, identifying features and borders, and painting in rivers and prairies. Mom had to head home before the mountains were dry enough to paint! I'll ask her to take some photos of the completed example and the students work!

My mom is the best teacher in the world!