Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Primetime Paintball and Skateboards

My friend James!
This is his skate shop, aye, and much more at that!
Paintball guns gear sales and service, skateboards, parts, stickers, dvds, shoes, snowboard service, clothes, accessories, odds, ends, snacks, air and waxing.

He became a business man in highschool.
Built, ran, runs, owned, owns and operates Primetime from scratch.
James makes his living living out his favorite ever-evolving hobbies.
He started with paintball gun sales and service, and never stopped!
Interest in skateboarding and lack of local support prompted expansion.
He began selling skate products to compliment his paintball inventory.
Now he quite comprehensively covers key action oriented outdoor activities.
My friend is an independent business man for fun!
With his store's custom decks printed and pressed by a tier-1 skate company.